Every day modern society generates an astounding amount of digital data, from which researchers in different fields want to produce, through fascinating experiments, useful knowledge. The Technion Data & Knowledge Lab focuses on developing infrastructure for data management and analysis by creating a solid theoretical basis, programming solutions for practical problems, building systems for data consumers and developing technologies for storing the data in the cloud.

Research Areas
Reserch Databases & Machine Learning
Databases & Machine Learning
Reserch Enumeration Algorithms
Enumeration Algorithms
Reserch Text Analysis
Text Analysis
Reserch Query Optimization
Query Optimization
Reserch Preference Data Management
Preference Data Management
Reserch Knowledge Bases
Knowledge Bases
Reserch Inconsistent Data Management
Inconsistent Data Management
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Latest Events
Events - A new Xeon Gold server
A new Xeon Gold server
Events - DIP Award with Prof. Grohe
DIP Award with Prof. Grohe
Events - Lab Trip at the Carmel
Lab Trip at the Carmel
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